In addition to the Education Program and Trade Show, the 2019 Annual Conference will feature two technical tours and a post-conference workshop.





Tours are also open to individuals that are not attending the annual conference. Advance registration is required, and they do have limited capacity so register early!


Tour #1: McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant


  • Date and time: Sunday, May 26, 2019. 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
  • Tour overview: The tour will highlight several of the nine components of the Wastewater Treatment Project, from pump stations, force mains, residual conveyance and construction of the tertiary plant.  This is a great opportunity to see the project in the building phase. 


More information and register for Tour #1


Tour #2: Greater Victoria Water Supply Area & Disinfection Facility


  • Date and time: Wednesday, May 29, 2019. 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Tour overview: This is your chance to discover the protected watersheds and water supply facilities for the Greater Victoria region. This tour focuses on visits to the surrounding forests, reservoirs, as well as the Japan Gulch Disinfection Facility.


More information and register for Tour #2


Technical Tours are sponsored by: H2Flow.





Why Learn the Hard Way?


  • Date and time: Wednesday, May 29, 2019. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Workshop overview: This one-day course will be hosted by Dr. Steve Hrudey, famed author and drinking water expert. The course is based on his 2014 American Water Works Association book - Ensuring Safe Drinking Water – Learning from Frontline Experience with Contamination. The premise for the book and this course is that those concerned with ensuring safe drinking water should be able to learn from the painful experience of others. A set of detailed, authentic case studies will be presented as they were experienced by the frontline personnel, followed by an explanation of what really happened, what were the consequences and what can be learned.


More information and register for the workshop